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Unlock your Full Potential with ULK Online Learning

Short Courses: Professional Certificate

You can enroll to specific certified short courses in highly demanded skills on the market. The duration of these courses is  one month and they offer you the convenience to learn at your own pace while still standing at the highest standards of quality. 

Postgraduate Studies: Master Degree Programmes

You can join one of the 9 master programmes:  Business Administration (MBA), Accounting, Finance, Economics, Development Studies, Public International Law, Economic and Business Law, Internet Systems.

Undergraduate Studies: Bachelor Degree Programmes

You can enroll in one of the programmes offered in existing schools and departments:main building

School of Economic and Business Studies: Bachelor of Accounting, Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Science in Economics, Bachelor in Rural Development.
School of Social Sciences: Bachelor of Development Studies, Bachelor in International Relations.
School of Law: Bachelor of Law and School of Science and Technology: Bachelor in Computer Science                                                                                                                                       


ULK Polytecnics EquipmentTechnical Studies: A1 Diploma in Engineering

Department of Electrical-Electronics Engineering: A1 in Electrical Technology, A1 in Electronics and Telecommunication.

Department of Civil Engineering: A1 in Construction Technology, A1 in Engineering Survey (Topography).