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Student Guide
by Ndayambaje Pius - Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 11:28 AM

Using this ULK-VLE is easy. Follow these steps:

-Access to the platform: enter this address in your browser:

-Loging in: To be able to use it, first identify yourself . You do that by clicking at log in on the right side of the header.You will see you are not logged in (Log in)

- You will see now: You are logged in as your name (Log out)

-Look at the left column of the page, you will see navigation. Under it you will see My courses .

Click on the small triangle to expand it  and you will see all courses you are enrolled in.

-Click on the course you want to learn and it will open in the central column of the page.

There is your virtual class and it is where you will learn everything.

- When you finish log out.

Good luck.